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Learn how to play blackjack and everything else about the game

Arguably the most popular casino game out there, blackjack is a game many beginners like to play due to its easy to learn mechanics and rewarding nature. Additionally, it also has a lot of variants that players can choose from based on their skills and preferences. 

Are you a first-time blackjack player? Learn everything you need to know about it here at Livecasino.

What is blackjack?

Blackjack is a table game played with a whole deck of cards and only each player is given two cards each by the dealer. In this game, whoever gets a hand closest to 21 without going over wins. 

Card values

Before we talk about how to play blackjack, it is important to first understand the card values in playing blackjack. It is similar to normal card values for the most part, except for a few differences.

  • Cards from 1 to 10 have an equal value to their number.
  • Face cards such as the king, queen, and jack, are valued at 10.
  • Aces can either be valued at 1 or 11, depending on the player and what will be most beneficial to their hand.

Blackjack actions you should know

In general, there are five options you can take once you receive your hand. Which one you choose wholly depends on the value of your hand. Here are some of the actions you can do: 


Hitting in blackjack means asking for an additional card to increase current hand value. It is safe to hit when the hand’s value is at 8 or below because any additional added to the value will be beneficial. However, if the value of a player’s hand goes over 21, they immediately ‘bust’ or lose the bet. 


If a player receives a good hand and they are secure in its value, then the best option is to stand. During this, the dealer will not give you additional cards. Usually, it’s good to stand when the value is 17 or higher. 


When the cards dealt have the same value, players are allowed to split their cards into two individual hands. An additional bet equal to the original amount is then placed before the game continues. 

Double down

An option to double down takes place after players receive their cards. They place an additional bet matching the initial amount and receive one card from the dealer in return. It is good to double down only when the hand’s value is secure and you are confident you can get a winning hand. 


A player can forfeit once if they have an unlikely chance of winning against the dealer. When a player surrenders, they will receive back half of their initial bet and sit out the rest of the round. 

How to play blackjack?

There are not many steps to follow when playing blackjack online. Assuming you have already signed up to an online casino and you have deposited the necessary amount you need to play. Here are some steps to get you started:

Find tables that suit your preferences

You can generally locate the blackjack games available through the menu. Once there, check the betting limits set for the game according to your allotted budget.

blackjack tables usually seat up to seven players per game, though there are blackjack games out there that will usually allow unlimited players per round. 

Place a bet before the start of a game

Bets are usually played before the start of the game. Make sure to have it ready before the dealer calls an end to the betting period.  

Inspect your card and decide how to proceed

Once the game begins, players will be dealt two cards. The value of your hand dictates how you proceed. Another way to determine your move is to look at the dealer’s ‘hole card’, which is the revealed card on the table. This gives the players an advantage that helps them strategise their next move.

Different variations of blackjack

What makes blackjack appealing is that it offers a wide variety of games that can fit different players’ preferences. If you’re looking for a good variant to play, here are some titles you can try:

Face up 21

The key difference in playing Face up 21 compared to its standard counterpart is that all of the cards dealt are exposed. This gives players an advantage in deciding what move to make. This comes with adjusted house rules to balance the game. As a couple of examples: 

  • The dealer wins the game in the event of a tie. 
  • Players can only double down when their hand value is at 9, 10, or 11.

Blackjack Switch

In blackjack switch, players make two bets and are dealt two hands and participants can switch the second card dealt if it is beneficial to the hand. A downside is a payout. Most blackjack pay 3:2, in blackjack switch there is an even payout. 

Spanish 21 blackjack

This variant uses a Spanish deck and is played with only 48 cards. In this game, cards with the value of 10 are not included. However, high ranking ones retain their value of 10.

In other variations, when the player and the dealer both hit 21, the player must ‘push’, which means you don’t lose or win anything and your initial bet will be returned. In Spanish 21, the player automatically wins.

Take home massive wins when you play blackjack

Blackjack is a simple yet thrilling game you can enjoy. Basic knowledge of the flow of the game is enough to make the games enjoyable even for beginners. 

If you are interested to try different variations of blackjack, there are also plenty of options to choose from here at Livecasino. Each variation highlights a specific feature that can add an extra challenge to any player while still following the standard order of the game.

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