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Video slots and Jackpot slots: What is the difference?

Slots are the most popular game to play in both land-based and online casino sites. In the case of brick and mortar casinos, they are usually located at the centre for easy access for players. On the other hand, online casino sites have a whole page dedicated to all of their slot games. Over the years since slots were introduced in the online world, tons of themes have been created which makes them all the more popular among new and existing players.

Aside from that, slots are popular among people because of the following reasons:

  1. Slots are easy to understand

Playing slot games does not need you to think about various strategies that can help increase your chances of winning. As soon as you click a slot game, all you have to do is place your bets and press the play button to spin the reels. Aside from that, every slot game provides a fine print of game mechanics for you to read. This shows you everything you need to know about the slots’ features and bonuses.

  1. Fast gameplay

Another good thing about slot games is that it has fast gameplay. This means that you can start and end after playing a couple of rounds. On top of that, you immediately receive your winning payouts right after every spin, which is convenient especially if you want to continuously play the game.

  1. Anyone can play and win

The best thing about slot games is that anyone can play and win! By just depositing money, you already have chances to win amazing rewards and even the jackpot of the game. 

With the undisturbed fame of slots, game developers continue to stir its relevance by creating something new. Lately, there is a lot of rave ongoing for video slots and jackpot slots. If you are curious about knowing what they are, find out by reading the following sections below!

Video slots vs. Jackpot slots

To draw the line between the two kinds of slots, you need to know what video slots are first. Video slots are the type that contains a lot of animation, multimedia and immersive features. These include moving pictures of the slot symbols, over-the-top sound effects and amazingly drawn artworks. Think about arcade games you used to play, but make it ten times more cool since you can win rewards by playing.

On the other hand, jackpot slots are the ones that show you a huge pot containing large sums of money that you can win while playing. Some jackpot slots have fixed prized amounts, while others have what you call a progressive feature. Moreover, progressive jackpot slots are the ones that increase the prize pool based on how much the players wager on every spin.

Can video slots become jackpot slots?

Video slots can become jackpot slots. This is a good mixture because you get to experience the best of both worlds: a prize pool accompanied by beautiful visuals. 

Usually, video slots with a jackpot feature tend to lean on the high volatility side of the spectrum. This is because it is quite hard to win the jackpot prize and serves as a challenge to the players. Despite the hardship, this kind of slot game is worth it because you will be earning more than what you can think of!

Which one should you play?

Despite their differences, both video slots and jackpot slots are fun games to play that will give you an exciting gaming experience. To help you decide, here is a list of reasons why you should play each one:

Playing video slots

If you plan to play video slots, expect the following:

  1. Cool multimedia

Video slots are famously known for their cool multimedia. This includes incredible motion pictures, mind-blowing artworks and ominous sound effects. All of these combined create a story that makes you want to embark on an adventure. Aside from that, video slots have different kinds of themes you can choose from such as pirates, galaxy, horror, mythology and the like.

  1. Immersive gameplay

The best thing about video slots is that it immerses you deep into the game by emphasizing the theme. This is because of the curated multimedia used to make things look like you are in a certain scenery.

  1. Lots of bonus features

Video slots have a lot of bonus features such as special symbols, bonus games, multipliers and Free Spins. These are what makes the game interesting, and the features mentioned help you win more rewards!

Playing jackpot slots

If you plan to play jackpot slots, expect the following:

  1. Progressive jackpot

Jackpot slots boast its progressive feature! This means that the jackpot prize continuously increases based on the number of bets placed by the players. When someone wins it, that lucky player will receive everything, and the jackpot prize will go back again to 0. 

  1. Challenging gameplay

Great rewards come with bigger responsibilities. Winning the jackpot prize is not as easy as you might think. Jackpot slots are designed to be hard to play, but winning the prize will offset every bet you have ever made. 

Examples of video slots and jackpot slots you can play

To give you an idea about the gameplay of each type of slot, below are some recommended games for you to play:

  • The Rise of Olympus by Play’N GO and Cheeky Cheshire by Green Jade are the two hottest video slots you can play today! Both are well-received by regular casino players because these games have exquisite artwork and enticing features. On top of that, these video slots offer you a lot of ways to win!
  • You should not miss playing Jackpot Raiders by Yggdrasil and Wild Wild West 2120 by Onetouch! Each of these jackpot games has interesting prizes that you can win. The best part is that these fall under video slots, which means that you get to enjoy an immersive experience.

Play these slots at Livecasino!

At Livecasino, you can enjoy both video and jackpot slots. There are a lot of games to choose from, which opens new doors for you to try! Aside from that, Livecasino also offers other casino games with various versions that you will like. Sign up now and take part in the exclusive promos that they have this season. 

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