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Online casino bonuses are extra rewards given by the online casino sites to make sure that players keep playing on the site. They are typically awarded to both new and existing players depending on the type of bonuses offered by the casino. Sometimes, there are exclusive types such as tickets to sporting events, cash balance and more. Regardless, they all offer benefits that players will enjoy. 

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Each casino bonus is acquired differently depending on the mechanics of the site you’re using. While this might look complicated for others, acquiring these perks is easy. You just need to follow the requirements of the online casino to be eligible. With these bonuses, you’ll amp up your gaming experience and enjoy games to the fullest. 

Best online casino bonuses

As technology progressed, various casino bonuses have been developed by sites to keep their players entertained. If you want to maximise your time and wagers when you play in online casinos, look out for different incentives available on the site and learn how they work. Here’s a list of some of the best online casino bonuses and how to use them:

Welcome bonus

The Welcome Bonus is one of the most popular casino incentives you’ll encounter. Usually, this is offered to new players and is also known as ‘the new player’ or ‘sign up’ bonus. To claim this, you have to be a registered player on the site. However, it’s advisable to read the mechanics first to know the full requirements you need to fulfil. 

The most common percentage is 100% for the Welcome Bonus. But there are some cases wherein it can range from 50% to 500% depending on the site you’re using. For instance, an online casino can offer a 100% welcome bonus. If this is the case with the casino site you’re playing at, it means that you’ll receive a $100 reward and a total of $200 to play with if you deposit $100.

Some of the rewards included are Free Play, Free Spins and High Roller Bonuses.


No deposit bonus

As the  name suggests, the No Deposit Bonus is a type of casino perk where players don’t have to make a deposit to claim it. A lot of sites offer this bonus to entice players to sign up with the online casino. The reward you can get from this can be anything from Free Spins and other rewards that the casino can offer. 

What makes this bonus one of the most popular is because it’s risk-free, allowing you to play without worrying about depositing money. However, some players abuse this and claim it back to back without depositing. That’s why many sites require high wagering amounts to lessen the number of players abusing it. With this, players who want to claim the No Deposit will be required to deposit their own funds before they can withdraw the reward and other winnings. 

In addition, wagering requirements and game restrictions also apply to this bonus. So make sure to double-check the rules before claiming it since not all casino sites have the same terms and conditions. 

Monthly/Deposit bonus

The Monthly/Deposit bonus is also called reload bonuses that reward players every month to entice them to keep playing on the site. This casino perk is given during the players’ monthly reloads or during their first deposit for the month. Not a lot of casinos publicize this one but they do offer this to their users as reward.  

Additionally, this is a match bonus that comes in the form of a percentage of the players’ deposit amounts. The reward to be given to you depends on your previous month’s activity and the casino can offer you the bonus by contacting you through email. 

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Payment Method bonus 

Online casinos typically offer a wide range of banking methods for players to deposit and withdraw their funds. It’s considered one of the less known bonuses, but can be rewarding when claimed. The bonus is designed to entice players to use particular payment methods if they can’t use their credit or debit cards. This is often popular among players who live in a country with strict gambling laws and can’t use their cards to place money in their accounts. 

Most of the time, online casinos reward players if they use an e-wallet to deposit funds. Some sites also include an additional bonus when players use the specified payment method. 

To cater to players who can’t use their debit/credit cards, online casinos collaborate with alternative payment service providers to offer alternative payment solutions. With this, sites  can encourage their players to keep playing on the site while grabbing special rewards. 

High roller casino bonus

As its name suggests, the High Roller casino bonus aims to cater to VIP players who like to deposit and play games in the site numerous times at high stakes. Since these players like to go extra lengths to play their favourite games in the online casino, they are given the chance to do so while being rewarded with bonuses. 

For you to be eligible for this bonus, you have to deposit a certain amount of money. The amount will depend on the requirement of the online casino, but it’s typically at $1,000. For regular players, this amount might seem too high to wager. But for high rollers, this is one of the most common amounts of wagers they place. 

Some of the other rewards that can come with this include additional match bonuses, reload bonuses and invitations to online casino tournaments. 

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Refer a friend bonus

Another type of bonus that’s designed to entice players to stay in online casinos and keep them playing is the Refer a Friend bonus. While this is not common nowadays, there are still other sites that offer this to gain more players. This casino perk gives you a chance to be rewarded for loyalty and for encouraging another player to register on the site.

The Refer a Friend bonus works in three different ways: 

  • Sharing a referral link – This method works by sharing an automatically generated link that you can share to the people you want to join the online casino site. 
  • Sharing a referral code – For this, you can be given a code that you can share to your friends and have them input it upon registering on the site. 
  • Inputting the person’s details – Lastly, this one can work by sending a registration link to your friend’s email address or phone number. Clicking the link will automatically activate the bonus.

What adds to the charm of this bonus is that it can come with tons of rewards which include cash bonuses, free spins, loyalty points and non-casino rewards.  

Free spins bonus

As its name suggests, Free Spins bonus in online casinos refer to the reward of free spins on chosen slot titles without having to wager any amount on the game. This one is also called extra, welcome and cash spins. Typically, for a player to be eligible for this bonus, they must wager a certain amount of money.

Moreover, you’ll find other online casinos offering No Deposit Free Spins which don’t have any wagering requirements. That’s why all your winnings in the slot games will be given to you, making them relatively free. However, since a lot of players abuse this casino perk , this No Deposit Free Spins bonus is rarely offered.

Match bonus

The Match bonus refers to the reward you receive when you make a deposit to an online casino. During this, the site will match your deposit with a certain percentage of your total deposit. This means that when they match your deposit, it wants to reward you with a bonus that’s a portion of the amount of your deposit.

For instance, the online casino can offer you with a 100% match bonus up to $200. This means that the casino will give you 100% in free money on a deposit amount you make up to $200. You’ll deposit $100 and receive $100 free money, making the total amount of your bankroll $200. 

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Bonuses in Livecasino

Like any other online casino site, Livecasino also has plenty of bonuses you can claim, allowing you to have fun to the fullest. Livecasino offers other ways for you to make the most of your gaming experience on the site. That’s why enticing and rewarding bonuses are provided for you. Here are some of the bonuses you’ll find on our site :

Welcome Offer

With the Welcome Offer of Livecasino, you have the opportunity to have fun playing your favourite table games or slot titles. Once you register on the site and your wagering amount is 5 mBTC, you will immediately receive 1 mBTC free chip on Evolution’s Baccarat live dealer. 

During this bonus, you have the opportunity to choose between free spins and up to 10% cashback in the loyalty program. To claim this, all you have to do is follow the guide below:

  1. Proceed to the Rewards section of your Livecasino account. 
  2. Activate the offer by clicking ‘Enable’ in the rewards section of the website.
  3. Then, play your preferred games.
  4. When you reach up to 5 mBTC, you will receive the free chip.
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Earn Points and Win Every day

Each day, Livecasino will gather their top players and reward them with cash prizes when they constantly play on the site. Claiming the prizes is easy since all you have to do is bet and play on your favourite games to keep earning points. 

You’ll rise up the leaderboard as you earn more points. If you’re included in the top 30 by the end of the day, then you’re eligible for the cash prize. You’ll be notified if you’re one of the lucky winners via email and your prize will reflect on your account the following day.

Additionally, you can win prizes by opting through Livecasino’s Tournament Page. You’ll get 1 point for every 1 mBTC you bet on table games and 3 points for every 1 mBTC you bet on slots.

Here’s a guide on how much you can win based on your place on the leaderboard:

Place Prize 
14 mBTC
22.5 mBTC
31.5 mBTC
4 to 51 mBTC
6 to 100.5 mBTC
11 to 150.2 mBTC

Slots Frenzy

When you play your favourite Livecasino slot, you can earn 10 mBTC every week. All the slot titles offered by the site have an RTP of 96% or higher, so you can expect generous payouts in return. Slots Frenzy bonus works by:

  1. Participate as often as you can every seven days.
  2. Play with real money on any slot game you want.
  3. Collect a total bet amount worth 500 mBTC before the seven-day period ends.
  4. If you follow these, you’ll immediately receive a 10 mBTC cash bonus.
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Weekly Rebate  

Every week, three Rebate Bonuses are available for players wagering on games in Livecasino using Bitcoin or Ethereum. There are three different Weekly Rebate Bonuses tiers you can receive:

Tier 1

Pro Weekly Rebate Bonus

During a promotion week, bet at least 200 mBTC or 6 ETH on any of the Livecasino live games to receive 1 mBTC or 0.03 ETH in Rebate Bonus on your account. 

Tier 2

Master Weekly Bonus

When you wager 500 mBTC or 15 ETH on any Livecasino live games, you’ll receive 3 mBTC or 0.09 ETH in Cash Bonus on your account.

Tier 3

VIP Weekly Bonus 

Receive 8 mBTC or 0.25 ETH in Cash Bonus on your account when you wager at least 1 BTC or 30 ETH on any Livecasino live games.

Claiming these bonuses are easy. All you have to do is select a Weekly Rebate Bonus and enable it on the ‘Rewards’ page of your account. Once you get the rewards, wager them on Livecasino live games.