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A huge part of what makes casino games exciting is their high-risk nature and no other game quite captures this feeling better than baccarat. Luckily for you, you’ll get to enjoy this experience in all its glory at the comfort of your home thanks to Live Casino!

Here at our site, you can play baccarat online through the various titles found on the catalogue. You can either choose to play online baccarat by yourself or you can up the excitement and play with real players and dealers through the live casino.

Regardless of what you’ll be choosing, what’s for sure is that you’ll be having an amazing time because of the fun gameplay and the abundant rewards. To help you become a better player, here is everything you need to know about baccarat:


What is baccarat?

Baccarat is one of the simplest card games that you can play in any casino. You don’t have to possess any skills when playing. What you need is a handful of luck because it’s purely a game of chance.

For the longest time, people thought of Baccarat as a game for high-rollers. However, over the past years, there have been versions where players were allowed to play for lower stakes. This made the game more accessible to the public which also helped it become one of the most widely played card games today.

The goal of the game is simple enough: the player who ends up with the best hand value wins the game. However, the best value isn’t determined by how high the numbers add up to, it’s how close it is to 9 without going over.

There are a lot of things that you need to learn in this game to help you be a better player. This includes:

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How does baccarat work?

At the start of every game, players will choose to either place a bet on a tie, the banker’s or the players’ side. Once all the bets have been placed, the banker will proceed to deal two-2 card hands; one for each side.

The two cards that are drawn on each side are added up and the goal, as mentioned earlier, is to have a total that’s closest to nine without exceeding. If the hand is equal to ten or more, you will have to subtract ten from the total value. For example, if the hand contains two nines, that adds up to 18. Subtract 10 from 18 and you’ll get 8, that’s the hand value you get.

If the cards that are drawn on a side add up to 9, that’s called a natural and the players who bet on that side win. However, if neither side totals 9, the next best thing is a value that adds up to 8 which is also considered a natural.

If both sides add up to the same value, that’s a tie. When this happens, both the players and the banker can consult with the game rules which are usually posted at the table. The rules will choose whether or not to draw a third card.

When a third card is drawn, all the values will be totalled again and whichever has the value closest to 9 wins.

cards on the board

Different point values of each card

Similar to other card games, the deck of cards used in baccarat have different point values. Although the value system of this game is slightly different than that of blackjack’s, it’s fairly easy to remember.

Here are the point values of each card in baccarat:

  • Ace – Aces are worth one point.
  • Numbered cards -All of the numbered cards, except 10, take the value of whatever number they have.
  • 10 and Face cards – Unlike in other card games where face cards hold high values, in baccarat, they are worth zero.


You must first learn the basics of baccarat in order to become a player. One of the first things that you should familiarize yourself with in baccarat is the different terms/slang. Knowing what these words mean is important because it will help you understand what’s happening in the game.

Here are some of the most important terms that you should know in baccarat:

Different types of baccarat

Ever since baccarat was invented, it has spawned a bunch of variations. Each of them differs from the other by tweaking the original format in one way or another. Here are the three main variations of baccarat:

cards on the tables

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is the most traditional type of baccarat. This was originally made for high rollers with some people wagering over a thousand dollars per game. Usually, the minimum bet for these games doesn’t go under $100 but you’ll see some more high-end casinos require $500.

With this type of baccarat, you’ll see the croupier be assisted by two other dealers who are in charge of payouts and bets. Punto Banco either uses an 8 or a 6-deck.


Mini-baccarat was introduced to give an alternate and more affordable option to play the traditional Punto Banco. This variation allowed players to wager significantly lower minimum bets. This made the game more accessible to those who still want to experience the enjoyment of playing baccarat but want a low-stake option.

Based on the name itself, mini-baccarat also sees players sit on a smaller table compared to Punto Banco, which means that fewer people will be playing in a single game. Aside from that, it features the same rules as Punto Blanco.

chips on display

Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer’s name directly translates to ‘railway’ which is inspired by its fast gameplay likened to the speed of railways.

In this type of baccarat, the role of the banker alternates between the player counterclockwise every round. The players who are not assigned as the baker are called punters.

At the start of every round, the appointed banker decides the amount of the initial bet. Punters can then choose to either wager the same amount or bet something smaller. If the players’ total wager is bigger than the banker’s, he/she can decide to increase the amount.

The game mechanics is similar to the original baccarat with one important exception, players can choose how they want to play the card. Who will decide to either take a 3rd card or not depends on who put in the highest bet. This adds a layer of excitement because the pressure is on the one who’s deciding and you have to work together to beat the banker.

Amazing game providers

Thanks to the advancement of technology, people are now able to play high-quality casino games from the comfort of their homes. To be able to play baccarat online seamlessly is impossible without the help of these talented and world-class game providers:

Evolution Gaming

With over 15 years of experience and countless games under their belt, it’s no wonder that Evolution gaming is one of the top gaming providers in the industry. Launched in 2006 by Jens von Bahr and his team, the company quickly expanded to other countries outside Sweden. Today, they provide top-notch games for casinos across the globe.

The company isn’t one to shy away from creating innovative games as seen by its wide catalogue of titles. Their games include live game shows, live casino games, slots and more. All of which are made with the highest quality possible that is sure to keep players entertained.

Evolution Gaming also made big moves recently by acquiring other well-known providers such as  NetEnt in 2020 and Red Tiger in 2019.

Some of Evolution Gaming’s best baccarat games here on the site include:

  • Evolution Live Baccarat Control Squeeze
  • Bombay Club Japanese Speed Baccarat 2
  • Bombay Club Live High Roller Baccarat
  • Evolution Live Speed Baccarat A
  • Bombay Club Speed Thai Baccarat.
High value cards


OneTouch is one of the most leading game providers in the industry that specializes in mobile gaming. All of their premium titles can be played seamlessly on any mobile device. This is an impressive feat considering how hard it is to fit a full-sized casino game on a small smartphone.

They revolutionized mobile casino gaming being one of the first companies to ever make games that supported smartphones. With the countless titles in their library including the best baccarat game for mobile devices, they’ve cemented their status as a top provider in the industry.

Here are some of OneTouch’s best baccarat games here at Live Casino:

  • Supreme Baccarat No Commission High Roller
  • Baccarat Supreme High Roller
  • Baccarat No Commission High Roller
  • Baccarat Pro
  • Baccarat No Commission Bitcoin.

eBET Gaming

If you’re a regular mobile gamer, you’d instantly recognize eBET Gaming. This company is the leading provider of mobile gaming in Asia and they’ve quickly gained a good reputation because of their amazing games that promote interactivity. Aside from Live Dealer games, you’ll also find a variety of slot games in their collection.

Ever since being launched back in 2012, eBET Gaming has been making interactive live casino games that provide seamless gaming experiences for players. To this day, their long list of mobile and PC games is being played all over the world. Each of the company’s titles is supported on almost every mobile and PC device such as PC, H5, Mac, iOS and Android.

king and chips

Here are some of the most popular baccarat games made by eBET Gaming here at Live Casino:

  • eBET Baccarat High Roller
  • eBET Speed Baccarat 10
  • eBET Live Table Sports Baccarat
  • eBET VIP Baccarat
  • eBET Speed Baccarat 11.


Ezugi is an Israel-based game provider that was launched in 2012. What’s great about this company is that all the owners share the same love for gaming which is why they entered the industry in the first place. Them being gamers themselves gives them an edge because they know what will work for players and what won’t.

Their shared interest in this field is evident in the games that they produce. All of their titles are made with the best quality thanks to cutting edge technology and meticulous programming.

Today, they’re mostly known for their premium live dealer games because of their innovative and modern approach. Also, all of their titles are supported on any mobile devices and computers.

Here are some of Ezugi’s best games on the site:

  • Speed Cricket Baccarat
  • No Commission Baccarat
  • Baccarat.

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